Saturday, December 01, 2012

Pendraken Miniatures Elizabethan Range

A quiet week on the painting front, but with the first proper outing on Sunday of the SAGA Irish a chance to put some paint on the recent Pendraken Miniatures.

As a figure range they have some good sculpts larger than the likes of Warlord and Perry Miniatures, A few have the sculpts have a touch of the "Gnome" about them. 
Which prompted the question amongst a few of my fellow gamers at my local club whether you prefer the anatomically correct style or more caricature type designs.

I guess the market is large enough for both.....

(L to R) Kern with Caliver, Irish Caliverman in English Service.
The English service figure has to be my favorite, the sculpt captures the conditions of campaign life in the field.

English Demilancer.


(L to R) Irish Light Horse, Irish Cavalry in Mail.

(L to R)  Scottish Redshank, Irish Officer, Gallowglass.

(L to R) Ulster Kern, Horse boy with Javelin, Irish Kern with Bow. 

Irish Light Pike


  1. I enjoy painting both realistic and the quirky type figures. You have done a wonderful paint job on these.

  2. Have a look around next time you are in a crowd and then try and define realistic!

  3. I agree with David. I don't mind the mixing so much.

    1. If the scenario works and the rules run smoothly you can get away with the occasional oddity, I guess I am looking a little to close.

  4. Nice figures and a great paintjob

  5. These are rather splendid Stuart, lovely job Sir.

  6. Thanks Guy's plans are well underway for a refight of Yellow Ford in 2013.....