Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rules of Engagement (ROE) AAR - US Marines vs Japanese Part 2

Deploying on hidden counters the Marines dig in and await the advancing Japanese, they must hold the temple and the village if they are to win the day.

The table - The main track can be seen in the centre of the table the Japanese can advance on the table width but the Tanks must travel on this central path.  The temple can be seen top right.

Turn One - The Japanese advance on to the table, Infantry sections on the right and left flanks, the main thrust and the armour pushing up the centre of the table.

The main Japanese attack, 2 Sections, 2 Light Tanks plus HQ and support.

Turn Three - The Japanese Infantry break cover and push into the main clearing unsure of the true location of the Americans.

On the left flank a Japanese Infantry Section and supporting knee mortars break into the village, still no Americans break cover.

The Marines open up on the advancing Japanese heading up the central trail killing two troops and forcing one of the first Japanese sections in to cover.

The tanks advance pouring fire in to the marines but fail to inflict any casualties.

On the left flank the Marines open up on the Japanese, halting them in their tracks.

In the centre more Marines break cover and pour fire into the advancing Japanese.

The Japanese suffer 6 casualties an are forced to head back into the undergrowth to re-group, however this exposes the US to the full Japanese main force.

On the right flank, a Japanese flanking force is ambushed by the US defenders.

The resulting fire fight allows a Japanese section to flank the Marines and turning the ambush on the ambushers.

It never plays to be caught in  the open under the Rules of Engagement rules, 3/4 of the Marine section are killed.

Meanwhile on the left flank the Japanese continue their push into the village the knee mortars forcing the Marines into cover.

In the centre track the Japanese armour advances up the track in an attempt to break the US strangle hold on the jungle path, the Japanese right flanking force breaks cover and catches the US Marines in the flank.

US casualties start to mount in the centre.

The US Marines fall back into the village.

 On the right the flank the US counter attack and engage in close combat wiping the Japs out, Uncle Sam will be proud.

A Marine bazooka team rises from the log pile and takes a well aimed shot destroying the lead Japanese armour.

The evening draws to a close, casualties have been even with both sides losing around 17 figures each, but the Japanese had failed to break through the central trail and whilst making progress on the left flank in the village, there were sufficient Marines in the village and around the temple to call this a US victory. 


  1. A great looking game with superb jungle effect.

  2. Greta report there and a wonderfuly looking table, top gun