Saturday, February 09, 2013

Wargaming the Russo Japanse War - Japanese Troops

A little later than previous planned, but the Japanese are under way for the Russo Japanese War Project. The figures are from Tsuba Miniatures a growing range of figures sculpted by Paul Hicks.

The Fist section is complete designed for for the Mud & Blood rules from the Too Fat Lardies, I have decided to provide the Big Man with a Hex Base to separate him from the rest of the section..


I have also completed 3 shock markers to collate shock points during the games, besides it gives an excellent way of using the causalities and medics from within the range.

The figures are dressed in the M1904 Khaki uniform which were issued in Manchuria in June 1904 after the battle of the Yalu River. I used the colour plates within the osprey book on the Russo Japanese War as a guide.


The colours used were as follows.

Tunic & Trousers - Foundry - Moss 29B, Dry brush Moss Light 29C.
Boots - Black.
Webbing - Foundry Tan Shade 14A.
Canvas Webbing - Foundry Rawhide 11B, 11C.
Bed Roll - Vallejo Oxford Blue, German Grey, Foundry Storm Green Light 27C, Raw Linen 30A, Deep Blue Shade 20A
Gaiters - Foundry Raw Linen. 30C.
Chin Straps - GW Rhinox Hide.
Water Bottle - Foundry Spearshaft Light 13C.
Cuffs - Cap Band Infantry - GW Red Gore, Blood Red highlight.
Cuffs - Cap Band Medics - Foundry Phlegm Green Light 28C, GW Thraka Green Wash.
Rifle - Tan Shade 14A, Vallejo Gun Metal Blue.
Bayonet - GW Bolt Gun Metal, Highlighted GW Mithril Silver.
Rifle Strap - GW Rhinox Hide.
Flesh - GW Elf Flesh.
Wash - GW Agrax Earthshade.
Basing - GW Rhinox Hide, Dry Brush Vallejo Desert Yellow, Iraqui Sand.


  1. Nice work Stuart, I painted a ton of these up in 15mm for a pal, the two hat bands drove me mad.

    1. Ray I think it's yours all over the web, excellent job my friend... I have a long way to go to catch you up... :-)

  2. They are lovely painted figures and those Tsuba Miniatures do look good

    1. Their are a couple of Manchurian bandits in the range that might work for VBCW.

  3. Nice work Stu. I've nearly been seduced by Tsuba Miniatures as well but I'm staying away from them for the moment. I see you have started to use Foundry paints as well. Also been reading Roundwoods World for the different bases and shock markers?

    1. Certainly have mate, got some Copplestone Chinese bandits to add to the mix whilst I build the regular forces.
      I have been using Foundry for several years, it's just the postage that puts me off expanding the paint collection.

  4. Lovely figures and painting and the shock markers are superb. I take it they are a good match sizewise with copplestone then?

    1. The Japanese are fractionally smaller than the Russians, which makes sense, they certainly compare well to the Brigade miniatures I have in my collection.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Emilio high hopes for this project.