Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crescent Root Studios 28mm Middle Eastern Buildings Review

My latest order from Crescent Root Studios arrived after having a rather lengthly stay with HM Customs and Parcel Force. I ask you £12.00 import duty and £8.00 handling fee - daylight robbery I tell you.....
Still it was worth the wait.

I originally ordered from Mark at least 7 years ago and have my eye on the extra in fill pieces for his compound together with Dome to give me options for my Egypt project.
The extra pieces were not cheap, but the quality is excellent and the new Dome roof really sets off the rest of the terrain.

28K1 (dome/tower pieces):   $15.00
28M1:                                    $40.00
28N1:                                     $16.25
I am always a little mindful of ordering resin from aboard you never know how well it will fair in shipping, but the buildings were exceedingly well packed, with all buildings, doors and roofs all shrink wrapped and surrounded by packing paper.

Now the great thing about Crescent Root is how functional and playable the buildings are, each building comes with removable roofs and doors which slot into the door frame allowing you to remove them for certain scenarios.

The doors themselves slide in to place which makes them study and stay in place during game play.

The door frames are large enough to allow a figures based on a 2p to walk through and the walls high enough to position firing figures behind.

My original collection has had several years of gaming play and has not suffered from any chips or flacking like some alternative models available on the market.

This close-up above shows the texturing of the walls showing exposed brickwork and cracked plaster.

I can't speak highly enough of Crescent Root buildings, I have used them for Africa, the Middle East, Pulp games through to Star Wars.
Just need to pull together a scenario now....


  1. Stu, perhaps it's time to start and plan a big 'black hawk down' game.

    1. Let's catch up Sunday. This is one big compound that will need clearing :-)