Monday, February 04, 2013

In Her Majesty's Name - Steampunk Skirmish

Osprey rules, Northstar minis with a release date of 20th April.
Now I have not been tempted by the Steampunk bug until now, but these sculpts look fantastic and I can see a case for buying all four sets, although £27 for 11 figures does sting a little. 

I can convince myself that with only 4-15 figures per side, this is not a proper new project merely a passing interest ........  honest.


  1. Gosh, those are rather nice. Take a look at these too, for additional options.

  2. I'm doomed, there is just no way I'm going to be able to resist that lot!

    1. More Boxer's Michael you know it makes sense.....

  3. Some great looking figures, love the Yeti!

  4. Nice figures, could be useful additions to Empire of the Dead, if they match well scale-wise

  5. Fabulous - Ripper Street here I come!

  6. It seems to tick all the boxes, China, Victorian Home Front and Zombies....

  7. Just spotted the following posting on TMP from Craig Cartmell.
    The four companies for which the chaps at Northstar have provided figurines of most excellent quality, are just four of the ten companies in the rules.

    The other companies are:
    A British Rifle company, featuring the Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company, and including rules for various famous British and Imperial regiments.
    The Explorer's Club, from whence Lord Curr's company comes.
    Scotland Yard, featuring a certain Consulting Detective and his Doctor companion. Constables with All Electric English Truncheons anybody?
    Wild Bill Hickock's Wild West Show. A European cover for the activities of the US Secret Service featuring those reformed outlaws, the Dooleys.
    The Légion Étrangère – 4me Battalion, Les Zouaves de Kreiss. Including the infamous Professor Moebius and his enchanting daughter Amelie.
    The US Marine Corps. Rocketing in from the Halls of Montezuma.
    The Brick Lane Commune. As deranged a bunch of anarchists and incendiaries as you are likely to find.

    The rules include a complete points system that allows players to create their own troops and companies, weapons and other equipment. So you are not bound to the ten listed in the book.

    There is plenty of historical and VSF-inspired armour, weapons and other common and strange equipment for you to use in your games. There are also steam-powered walkers…

  8. If any of you are going to Salute Charles and I shall be supporting Northstar at the show, where they are putting on a demonstration game featuring these rules.


    1. Craig good news, I shall be making a bee line to you guy's, our club is supporting the chaps from Kallistra.