Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mongrel Miniatures - Cold War British - Zikangeleze Regulars.

These Mongrel Miniatures British have been sitting in storage for a couple of years they have had various outings over the years, Cold War Europe, even zombie out breaks.
Having recently picked up some of Empress Miniatures modern Brits, I thought these could get a make over and join the ranks of the Zikangeleze military.

The original paint job was a little too bright and needed a couple of extra colours adding to the camo scheme and a dip wash of Army painter to give them a more lived in feel.

Within the Zikanga campaign setting L’Armee Zikangeleze army is commanded by the ambitious General Botang. General Botangi has his sights set on overthrowing the president, but must first gain International favour by crushing the Southside Boys and the Legs Akimbo, the two rebel militias gaining prominence in the country. 

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