Friday, April 18, 2014

28mm African Militia.

I'd forgotten how many modern mini's I had tucked away, impulse purchases from various trade shows for projects that never took off, figures purchased after a holiday read that sounded like a great idea for a project at the time.... (I can recommend Vortex by Larry Bond). Figures purchased because they looked nice and how could i possibly leave a show with change in my pocket.

Most of the reference material for West African Militia of the early 90's are a mix of regular uniforms and civilan dress so pooling all of those odd modern mini's should give me a great opportunity to recycle some of those figures and give others a make over and a genuine use. 
Gang members for zombie games, wasteland warriors for a sci-fi project that needed more figures than I needed that had been languishing under coated but not finished in draws for several years all of these suddenly had a use and could be recruited into the new African Militia.

It's been a few years since the completed mini's that have did have, have seen the light of day and my painting style has certainly changed since they last saw action, so I thought they were due a make over if they are to fit in with plans for this project and give a degree of uniformity to the units.

I am more than happy with the first 50 they have a military feel to them, with the odd splash of colour to give them that irregular vibe and the mix of manufactures helps to break up the uniformity.
Copplestone, Gripping Beast's MO-FO range, The Assault Group even a couple of Bobby Jackson's Thugz's make an appearance.

Louis “Legs” Akimbo and his Militia.
Legs is a bit of a nutter but a renowned rabble-rouser. He was thought of as a harmless eccentric but now, since he’s created an armed following nobody’s quite sure.

Jan Yoruba of the Yorubist Peoples Party.
A political agitator distinctly left wing man with Stalinist/Leninist/Maoist tendencies but he seems to pick and choose sentiments that suit him best.

Samuel Lani-Oheck
A failed farmer, failed store-keeper, failed tribal-leader, and failed general and failed politician.
But he is pretty nibble with a machette.

Charity Nsithlan
A warlord who tends to do his own thing and is best left alone.
Nsithlan supporters are made up of bandits, murders and deserters bereft of any political aims or objectives.

Zikanga's Gendarmes Nationale
The personal bodyguard of President Okoye. The GN rarely venture out from the main cities (often in force) and when they do mainly stick to the main road.


  1. Fifty! Just a few minis lying around...

    1. Just don't tell the wife... :-)
      I have been able to scrape them together from various projects that were never likely to see the tabletop in any scale, this should give life to some long forgotten minis.

  2. Now that's an impressive turn out!

    1. Thanks Michael it's not quite trooping the colour.

  3. very nice. I have just seen them, I missed that thread. Quite impressive!

  4. Thanks Cedric.
    Plenty more to come.