Sunday, April 13, 2014

Starship Troopers Campaign Round 2 - Create Perimeter

Last Sunday saw the second outing in the Wyvern Wargamers Starship Troopers Campaign.
3 Players stepped up for this outing, The Lucky Devils, Baldwins B*stards and Deacon's Destroyers.

The following briefing was provided.

Everything was going according to plan. Now the landings are complete, you can hear some other companies in serious combat but you have been ordered to create a perimeter that will relieve the pressure on them and allow this invasion to get under way!

Players must defend their deployment zone or risk losing 50 points each.
If they are able to clear the bugs from their deployment zone then each player will gain 100 points.

Turn 1 and the players deploy on mass in the central deployment zone, to their flanks and front mountains rise up masking whatever bugs might be out there. Deacon's Destroyers lead the advance and rush for highest point on the table, having concentrated all their points on 4 heavily armoured troopers.

Baldwins B*stards on the right and the Lucky Devils on the left break out from the deployment zone.

Deacon's Destroyers seize the high ground, awaiting the bug onslaught.

The Arachnids change their tactics and have amssed the bulk of their points in one large wave of Warrior bugs designed to sweep all before them. Panic starts to creep into the MI ranks as a number of troopers forget their fire control training and run out of ammo. Commanders start to cry out that the bugs are just to numerous and too tough....

Matters are not helped by a bug hole opening up in front of the Lucky Devils, the MI stand firm and pour fire into the advancing bugs blocking the hole with several bug bodies stopping the others from breaking ground. Deacon's Destroyers let fly with flame throwers and missiles to take chunks out of the warrior horde, the tide was turning in favour of humanity.

Too late in the day the Arachnid flanking force breaks cover and catches Baldwin's B*stards in the flank, the Tanker Bug roasting three of the MI before the rest fled over the crest seeking support from the other squads. But time had run out, the perimeter was secured.

A second victory to the MI.

With round 2 complete the Luck Devils contiue to lead the way, with Deacon's Destroyers making significant ground on second placed Baldwin's B*stards. 

Stay tuned for Round 3 - Rescue.
Can the MI make it three in a row???


  1. I hope not! It's time for us to get chewed up before we get too confident. ;-)