Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Wyvern Wargamers - Salute 2014 - WW1 Dry run....

With Salute only a few days away, time to give the Wyvern Wargamers WW1 12mm project an outing before the big day. The table on the day will be three times as long and contain 10 times the number of figures as the run through at the club, but the shots below will give you a flavour of what you can expect to see at Salute.
The plan on the day will be to use Kallistra's fast play WW1 rules which are due to be released shortly and their excellent new range of WW1 miniatures, which is growing into quite a collection.
The full range can be found here https://www.kallistra.co.uk/?page=113

Tonight we used Mud & Blood which are tried and tested at the club, The French blinds take up poisitions across the centre of the table, the flag poles make a nice change from the usual blinds under Mud & Blood blinds.

The French commander considers his position, but we all know it will be the Church that will be the main consideration for both factions.

French Infantry line the crest awaiting the German assault.

Concentrated HMG fire and rifle fire from 3 German squads, force the French back from their position over looked the church.

The German forces rush the Church taking heavy casaulties in their initial assault, but are able to weaken the French defenders for the 2nd German wave to push them back from the Church and grounds.

German forces push up, the Church is captured but it has taken all of the German force to secure it.

A great little scenario and the perfect tonic before the 4.00am start on Saturday morning.

If you are attending Salute drop by and say hello you can find us near the Kallistra main stand if we are still awake.....


  1. The table we sat at the WMMS show looked excellent, even though it was not the full size you are planning for Salute. Have a great day out and post plenty of pics afterwards!

    1. Cheers Steve, good day out although the 4.00am start was a killer... Pics to follow in due course.

  2. A cracking looking game and certainly one to look out for on Saturday.

    1. Michael sorry I missed you, meant to get over to the blogs meet, but was too busy being soundly thrased.