Saturday, July 12, 2014

Daemonscape - 25mm Sci-fi Vehicles Part 2

It seems a while since I managed to put paint to brush but I wanted to get these reinforcements completed for the SST campaign as we are nearing the completion of phase one.

The Daemonscape castings paint up really well and are the perfect fit against 1st Corp Colonial infantry. I don't want the Starship Trooper games to become an armour fest, but these give me some mobility without hopefully becoming the kings of the battlefield.

First up the mobile command station, capable of holding 6 figures and a driver, this vehicle can call in orbital support and on station fighter patrols.

Whilst I wanted to give the Mobile Infantry some mobility I did not want their APC's to be brisking with machine guns and large cannons, these are listed as snowcats and seem perfect for the job.

Under the point rules I have classified them as

Komodo IFV – 250 pts
The Komodo Infantry Fighting Vehicle is designed to give the Mobile Infantry a support Vehicle capable of extended operations without the need for a re-supply from fleet. The Komodo has the ability to recharge power suits and oxygen tanks along with  additional ammo and weapon storage. As an IFV it is armed with a Rotary Six Gun cannon.

  • A defence value of 2
  • May carry upto 8 personnel
  • Crew of 1 Leader, 1 Driver & 1 Gunner. (Rep 3)
  • Roatry Cannon (Targets 6, Impact 3)

When combined with the existing transports and walkers they look quite the force and all the models both genuine and proxies fit together well, both in terms of scale and design.

I need to add some decals to the transports, but first a repair job is needed on a number of the SST sections, as I experienced the wargamers nightmare on Sunday night, with the case springing open after being caught by the door to our club house and spilling the contents across the car park !!!!

Casaulties are high with at least 4 killed, 12 seriously wounded and 18 lightly wounded, needing patching and rebasing.  I guess it could have been worse, it could have been spearmen and pike blocks.... :-(


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