Sunday, July 06, 2014

Something Old - Something New....

Over the years I have tried to build up a terrain collection that is multi-functional, Crescent Root is no exception, the buildings are well made and each building comes with removable roofs and doors which slot into the door frame allowing you to remove them for certain scenarios.

Having seen an outing from Old Mexico to the Sudan I wanted to modernize them for the current  Sci-Fi Campaign that I am running at the moment I sort of envisage a Ghosts of Mars type mining town set in the world of Starship Troopers, miners to be rescued or buildings to be defended from the advancing bug hordes.

I Picked up the following items from Antenocitis Workshop and Ainsty Castings at Salute they have taken some time to make it to the top of lead mountain, but they will come in really useful in turning these buildings to modern and futurist dwellings.

Radar comms units and air conditioning units.

Solar panels to provide energy for the colonists.

 Air scubbers and a Radar dome can be seen.

Not a bad afternoons work and some useful terrain peices for various scenarios across the ages. I just need to draw up a scenario now.


  1. Nice touches. And those crescent root buildings look ace - filed away for besieging Suakin or the like! :-)

  2. Great idea to change a simple adobe style building into a sci-fi one:).

  3. Nice job, they look great. Your settlement has a Tatooine vibe, which is pretty much all Mr. Lucas did really.


  4. What a result, great transformation - love it!

  5. Neat bits of terrain there.