Friday, July 18, 2014

Starship Troopers Campaign Round 4 - Escape

Sunday saw another outing for the mighty Wyverns in the ongoing Wyvern Wargamers Starship Troopers Campaign, once again the players were a mix of now veterans and new recruits straight out of the academy all keen to improve on the last encounter.

After the last encounter the MI are on the back foot and are having to play through the Escape scenario.

The scenario - Escape
The message coming over the comms are not encouraging and it seems every company is hip deep in Arachnids, just as you thought things could get no worse for your troopers, you find yourselves surrounded by bug! Fight for your lives and try and escape anywhere!

Your units must escape the table any way they can, double points are awarded for any troops escaping the table, you get nothing for killing Arachnids.

The players selected quantity and armour over volume, forming up on mass, on the look out for any sign of bug activity.

Turns 1 & 2 pass without incident, the bugs fails to activate and the Mobile Infantry edge ever closer to the table edge, the plan might just work.

With safety in sight the bugs win the initiative and close in on the Mobile Infantry, Deacon's Destroyers and their Chickenhawks break formation and head for the southern table edge, hoping to draw the bugs away from the main body, or were they looking to save their skins :-)
The remaining players rush to take up firing positions with bugs closing in on all sides and fliers sweeping in from each table edge.

The Arachnids close in on their prey as the troopers form square, the CO combat surfer, calls in an orbital bombardment to slow the advancing bugs, but they get every closer to the MI lines. The more they kill the more bugs seem to appear.

The bugs are killed in their hundreds but they are an unstoppable force and wash over the defenders, footage is lost at this stage as the press crew are forced to drop their camera and run for their lives.
The troopers break ranks and run for the table edge, some dragging their injured comrades with them, others just looking to not be last and food for the bugs.


The close of Round 4 see's all the active players picking up a haul of points, but points aside it still felt like a defeat,  Combat Surfer is the new leader on route to Sky Marshall, the results could have been far worse for all if the medics had not done such a wonderful job of patching up the injured.

Round 5 see's the MI looking to get off this bug infested rock!!!!


  1. Haha, looks like a bloodbath! Sorry I missed it.

    1. Could have been far worse Phil, if it was not for some great rolls by the squad medics.

  2. My boys chose the right time for a little R&R bybthe sound of it!

  3. Looks like a real desperate struggle - against hordes - very enjoyable read- like the terrain too. Regards. KEV.