Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bulgarian Artillery - Tiger Miniatures.

The challange with picking periods less popular is that more often than not you need to seek out proxy pieces to fill out the ranks. Although to be honest I rather enjoy this element of any project.

So far in the RJW project, I have managed to incorporate the obvious WW1 Russians to fill out the Russian Infantry ranks, but perhaps more obscurely, British from the Zulu War Range for shock markers and low ammo markers, Belgian Cavalry representing Russians Cossacks and now the latest addition.... Bulgarians from Tiger Miniatures - Balkan Range.

My Russians have been lacking some firepower for a number of months, I was torn between WW1 Russian Artillery from Brigade which are very nice sculpts but are perhaps a little to modern for 1904-05 and the Bulgarian Artillery Crew.

The Tiger website does not give a clear a view of the sculpts which is shame but I had seen them at various shows and once based figured they might just fit the bill, afterall all the crew had a peaked cap and came with a handlebar mustache...... Very Russian.

I am a little unsure of the correct uniform and my resources have drawn a blank, but there is in the Osprey book on the period a HMG crew in the background of the first plate which gave me an idea for the uniform, it certainly makes a difference from the Green's of the line infantry.


  1. Not sure of the uniforms too but the white certainly looks striking. Overall a pretty nice piece.

    1. I just hope they don't suffer from the curse of freshly painted figures, in the first encounter.