Saturday, October 04, 2014

Skyhook Retrieval Boat - Starship Troopers

Rarer than Rocking Horse S**t ......

Another addition to the Mobile Infantry and Fleet arsenal.

Having missed the boat (get it..) when Mongoose Publishing launched Starship Troopers the first time around, it has proved nearly impossible to source a Retrival Boat.
What Starship Troopers game could be complete without an escape vessel.

Mongoose produced a limited number of the boats before production of the SST range came to an end. Fortunately Scotia Grendel have a more than suitable proxy in the from of the VTOL dropship.
An absolute steal at £15.00


  1. Very Interesting and lucky to obtain a Rare model - looks great!!

    1. Just need to get some game time in now Kev.