Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Country pursuits - Klendathu Style

A spot of camping and a long walk in the great out doors with man's best friend, what could be a better day out....
The only problem is when you are on a bug planet...

A recent trip to Derby and I spotted a couple of extra's which seemed to fit in with the SST Project.
Anisty have produced some two man tents, not the first thing on my list for a wargames show, but I figured they might come in handy for some of the bug scenario's...

In the films a couple of shots giving tent like structures such as Camp Arthur Currie the basic training camp and the Mormon Fort, these tents will do for a short over night stay in the wilderness, afterall Troopers need to sleep somewhere.

Whilst there I also picked up from Minibits, some of the latest releases from Crossover Miniatures - Robodogs....

I thought these would be great proxies for Neodogs genetically-enhanced dogs that serve as elite scouts in the K-9 Corps. Neodogs are said to be over 6 times more intelligent than regular dogs. Perfect for sensing hidden bugs and protecting the MI.

Something a little different for the campaign.


  1. Do like the Pup Tents - well done Stuart.

    1. Thanks Kev, just need a scenario now....

  2. nice tents. They brought me some good memory of the first movie.

    1. I was sorely tempted to post a different set of phto's believe me :-)