Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hands on your head! - 28mm Hostages.

Now every Special Forces team need someone to rescue, these have been tucked away in a draw for at least a decade. I think they were from TAG when I originally brought the African Militia but never made off the to do list.

It's amazing what a little bit of inspiration does, that and several free hours on the brushes....



I decided to base them on large circular bases as I figured they would be useful as objective markers or jump off points depending on the rule sets used, a little more palatable than actual hostages.

Just goes to show why most wargamers never throw anything away......


  1. Nice! You never know going into a hostage situation of who's who - some of the bad guys may have dressed up in the hostages' clothing. Best, Dean

  2. Great work and they should come in useful for a variety of roles as you say.

  3. They look very cool, and useful!

  4. They do indeed look useful. Four guys definitely having a bad day. Well done.

    1. Just need a scenario now Michael.
      Best wishes.