Friday, December 05, 2014

Spectre Miniatures - Christmas Comes Early......

There seems to have been a steady stream of parcels over recent days, I can only guess the Christmas shopping is well under way, all of which are addressed to people other than me.... 
Then this morning the postie drops a gift through the door that's been worth the wait. 

Spectre Miniatures Kickstarter arrives....

These are a range of ultra-modern 28mm figures that cover both Private Military Contractors – modern day mercenaries, African militia and regular military forces.
I signed up for 9 packs, a mix of contractors and militia.

First impressions are very good, very few cast lines and little flash, the figures themselves are thinner than others on the market, but have more of a traditional African feel to them. 
Great attention to detail has been paid to the weapons which are small compared to the likes of MoFo (C) and TAG (L), but the differences in size will be hardly noticable once painted.

The models come packaged in very neat boxes, packed with wood shavings, a nice touch giving a real professional feel to the whole offer and it did the job of protecting the figures with zero breakages.

The whole Spectre range is littered with real characters, which will add some real diversity to the ever growing Zikanga militia.

Just as I thought I was seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.... Still never mind.