Saturday, November 29, 2014

Chain of Command goes East - Far East.

After the recent spate of Chain of Comand games, I thought I would convert my existing collection of US Marines and Japanese to CoC, the good news is that I am only a few figures away from the right level of troops for the various fire teams and sections.

A recent trip to Warfare and the Warlord stand and I am now the proud owner of the two missing junior leaders and Artillery observer, great castings and a really good fit compared to the existing collection from Westwind, Battlehonours and Brigade.

With Chain of Command in mind I also picked up the casaulty pack, which I thought would make excellent shock markers.

As with many projects somewhere in lead mountain I had kept several extra's from a westwind order, which at the time were put into storage as painting the dead and the injured seemed a worthless exercise, however now with Chain of Command they suddenly became important and made it to the summit of lead mountain.

Red dice for the Marines.

Yellow dice for the Japanese.
The circular bases are from the guys at Warbases and the dice frames from Minibits.
There should be more than enough here for typical platoon games and it's utilises some of the extra's that have been languishing in the painting draw for several years.


  1. Good use of your lead debris... :-)

    1. Your not wrong AV, it's good to finally use some of these left overs...

  2. Very cool - nice choice for die colors too.

  3. Nice work, Stuart. The use of casualty stands to track shock is an excellent idea and would look awesome on the gaming table.
    The Marines look appropriately dirty and sweaty.

    1. Thanks Michael, it also helps with "moving dice" I tend to play on a textured cloth and these stop a one becoming a six just are you reach down to move the figures :-)