Sunday, March 22, 2015

Northstar SCW - Moors - Part 2

Last weeks all dayer proved to be just the tonic to kick start the painting season....
Unfortunately the last few weeks have seen little in the way of activity and these have been sitting at the foot of Lead mountain since Febuary, with the planned first outing @ the Wyverns in April, I need to put my foot down otherwise my platoon will be seriously under strength.

Dressed in the traditional Morrocan Chilaba Northstar's offering lack some of the finer detail of Empress but once painted and based compare well to the others.

The now customary comparison shot.
L-R  Rif-Raf, Northstar, Northstar, Empress, Northstar, Empress


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Gordon - the last 11 are on the paint table - might finally get round to putting them on the table.

  2. Nice brushwork on all of them; and the different makes certainly work well together.

  3. Very nice paint job. Hope that, soon your troops will be fully strength.

  4. Nice looking unit Stu I look forward to seeing them on the table .
    Regards Furphy .