Saturday, March 28, 2015

SBH - Elizabethan Zombie Wars - "Breakthrough" - AAR#4

Time for another outing for Hernando and his band of Fighters..... In a world riddled by the plague and the undead.

Having escaped the clutches of the witch and her evil hordes Hernando De Leon leads his battered command on towards safety, Julio was injured in the last encounter and will not be available in this engagement, but spending some of his precious Gold coins Hernando has managed to recruit an additional swordsman. All that remains is for the human forces to break through the ranks of undead.

The hamlet of Much Moaning the most direct route to safety and with a tide of death to De Leon's rear he has no choice but to break through the lines of undead blocking his way.

Scenario: Breakthrough
After the defender has placed terrain, the attacker selects which table edge he will use. The defender then sets up his models from the opposite edge up to the middle of the table. The attacker places his models within Short distance of his edge. The attacker must run his models off of the defender’s table edge to earn victory points, and the defender must slay enemy models to prevent this.

Defender victory conditions:

1 victory point per 20 points of killed opponents.
Attacker victory conditions: 
1 victory point per 15 points of models who successfully moved off of their opponent’s table edge.

The forces of evil have opted for quantity rather than quality, with two Witches and over 30 Zombies hoping to pin and then swamp the human party.

Not to be caught out this time Henando De Leon advances on mass with his Calviers taking up a good firing position and destroying the zombies as the stumble into range.

The Witches are forced to trigger all their forces on a general advance rather than the planned ambush in the village, a number of Spanish troopers are transfixed by the hags, but are valiantly defended by their comrades, whilst the witches are driven back by musket fire.

Winnie is forced to join the fight as the Zombies activiation on a 5,6 is not bringing enough of their number to bear in the melee and whilst many of the Spanish are pinned in combat their greater flexability allows their fellow swordsmen time to gang up and dispatch the cadavers.

Hernando leads the charge his mighty blow dispatches zombie after zombie.

Clash of the titans - seizing their chance with a human transfixed the Zombies close in for the kill, which gives De Leon the opportunity to close on the witch who is swiftly dispatched...

With their number down to less than half and both witches killed the undead break off leaving the table to the living and whilst De Leon did not escape the table the road through Much Moaning is clear for the loss of one injured Swordsman.

A clear Human victory.

Next scenario - Burn them out!!!!!
The Living Forces.

Hernando De Leon
Quality 3, Combat 4
Leader, Fearless, Short Shooter, Unerring Aim.
92 Points.

Caliver (5) (-1)
Quality 4, Combat 3
Long Shooter, Lethal (Shooting Zombies) Unerring Aim.
42 Points

Swordsman (7)
Quality 4, Combat 3
23 Points

Total Points 505
Purse 7 Gold Coins

The Evil Forces.

The Wicked Witches of the Woods (2)
Quality 3, Combat 2
Leader, Magic User, Long Shooter, Good Shot, Flying.
120 Points.

Zombies (33)
Quality 5, Combat 2
Slow, Undead
8 Points

Total Points 504


  1. Great battle report, set-up and figures!

  2. Love it! That Hernando's a handful isn't he!!

  3. Stu, that's just plain scarey you should have a certified 18 on it . Nice paint job on the soldiers !
    Regards Furphy .

    1. Thanks Gav, back to something a little more historical next time.

  4. Nice to see the living get a victory!

    1. Knew I should have gone for quality Steve.

  5. Awesome Stu. How are you finding the SOB rules? I must say although I have never heard of zombies "retreating"...


    1. Good point Frank..... it was after midnight when we finished otherwise I think we would have pushed on for another hour or so......
      SOB are really simple but with some lovely touches, the gamble to go for 1,2 or 3 actions, the order you pick who does what makes for a fun game.

  6. Great looking game and an awesome setting. Keep it up, always enjoy reading them.

    1. Thanks Hotspur, never thought I would be mucking about with a witch on a broom stick..... :-)