Saturday, March 07, 2015

SBH - Elizabethan Zombie Wars - "Holdout" AAR#3

Its been quiet on the painting front last week, I did manage to sneak in a quick game of Songs of Blades and Heroes in the Elizabethan Zombie Campaign.

Having thought his time was truely over Hernando De Leon crawled from under the hedge row from which he sheltered after being savaged by the fowl beasts, 3 of his men were still alive  - sought the sanctuary at a nearby cottage - unfortunately the home of a Witch who is looking to evict her new tennants..........

Capt Hernando De Leon - Squadron of Urcas
Quality 3, Combat 4
Leader, Fearless, Short Shooter, Unerring Aim
92 Points

3 Survivors + Rescue Party

Scenario: Holdout
After the defender has set up the terrain, the attacker chooses a table edge. The defender then divides his warband into two groups, each one worth at least 1/3 of the warband’s total value.

Victory conditions:
If the attacker destroys or routs the defender’s entire 1st group before the 2nd group arrives, he automatically wins the battle. Otherwise, players earn 1 victory point per 20 points of killed opponents.

The Zombies begin there slow advance on to the table, activating on a 5 or 6 my initial plan is broken my the lack of regular movement, whilst slow they creep ever closer to human defenders, meanwhile the first of the two werewolves skirt the tree line looking for an opportunity to tear into the Spanish.

Hernando peers from the window, whilst the Alpha male huffs and puffs on the outside, 4 defenders but 4 windows and a door to defend, an interesting choice for the human player.

The first of the Zombies reach the clearing just as the Spanish reinforcements arrive on the table, who would have thought that waiting to roll a D6 could be so tense.

Still the dead continue their slow march towards the cottage, the Witch uses her command radius to cluster packs of zombies together but their approach is painfully slow.

The Walkers are picked off one by one - the musket fire is lethal and once the range closes the dead begin to mount on the evil side, the wolves launch a flanking attack to distract the human rescue party, terror strikes a number of the party as the wolf howls and charges towards them, two take leave of their senses and flee the table. The result of the game is now in the balance.

Finally a stout swordsman stands up and closes with the pack leader as the dead stumble ever closer.

The undead are held at bay as they claw there way at the occupants of the cottage.

The wolves are finally taken down, but the tide of death is lapping at the feet of the Spanish.

The clock ticks down, a significant number of the dead have been killed again, but the cost of the human losses tips the game in favour of the undead.

The Evil Forces.

The Wicked Witch of the Woods.
Quality 3, Combat 2
Leader, Magic User, Long Shooter, Good Shot, Flying.
120 Points.

Alpha Male
Quality 3, Combat 4
Terror, Long, Forester, Savage
102 Points

Quality 4, Combat 4
Long, Forester, Savage
54 Points


Quality 5, Combat 2
Slow, Undead
8 Points

Witch, Alpha Male - Werewolf, Regular Werewolf, 26 Zombies.

Final result - Another Human point loss.

After battle results.
 Those that ran away return with their heads lowered in shame, 2 Calviers were taken out in the game, but 1 returns unharmed and the 2nd suffered a serious wound and will miss the next game.
30 Gold Coins were earned.

The next Scenario's randomly rolled for is "Breakthrough"


  1. Song of blades seems to be almost complely mutable into any period.

    1. Quick to pick up and easy to use.... Spot on John.

  2. A very versatile set of rules and nice to see another game in your campaign.

    1. Hit painters block Steve.... :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Gordon thanks for following my ramblings....

  4. Enjoyable AAR, sounds like a cracking game!

  5. Thanks chaps plenty more to follow time permitting :-)