Friday, December 04, 2015

Chechnya Project - Book Review.

Whilst the painting production line has been some what slow in recent weeks, the preparation for the Chechen project continues..... With so many nights away plenty of time to gather research and inspiration.

Fangs of the Lone Wolf is an absolute gem - full of inspiration for any skirmish wargamer.

Dodge Billingsley spent months living in caves with Chechen fighters during the 1st war as a journalist and after the war interviewing Chechen veterans of these battles.

Each short chapter is describes a separate engagement with low level maps showing how the Chechen's planned each attack and the thoughts of the Chechen commanders in the field very often with no more than 20 fighters against tank platoons and companies of motorised infantry right from the first weeks of the war defending Grozny through to the end of the conflict.
How did the Chechens win numerous local battles against the Russian Army with nothing more than AK47's and RPG's?
Each chapter shows how convoy ambushes were set up, raids were conducted and sniper nests set out to take down senior Russian commanders.
A wealth of information and plenty of scenario's to convert to the table top.
I just need to get on with the painting back log now. 

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  1. I am really looking forward to finding out more about your project and how you plan it out. Fascinating stuff.