Sunday, December 27, 2015

Zikanga Campaign AAR #7 - The Wild Turkey's....

I should have got this posted up several weeks ago, but the holiday period has provided me the time to finally start to catch up, besides unlike Christmas morning it's gone 11 and no one has risen from their beds.....

Another campaign outing in the hinterland of Zinkanga.
For followers of this blog you will recall President Okoye's troops were being pushed back by the rebel forces under the command of Charity Nsithlan.

In an effort to reverse the situation President Okoye has hired a South African mercenary - Jan Muller to capture Charity's money man - Lowdsa Doollar, the mission went without a hitch and Muller and his team were soon back on the civilian transport heading out of the country all they had to do was get through the UN checkpoint....

Zikanga is no different to the UK - Traffic everywhere - sit and wait or make alternative plans. Decisions, decisions, decisions....
Muller and his team are hidden on the grey bus, caught between the UN checkpoint and Nsithlan militia who are hunting for them.

Every village is checked and if no weapons are found, the vehicle will be allowed through the checkpoint... The UN have strict orders only return fire if fired upon and defend the border from insurgents.
If only Muller was aware of that.

Never a shy man - Muller drags Lowdsa from the bus, firing a burst at the UN border guards sending them diving for cover.... Wow what a start.....

Meanwhile Mullers recon section bursts from their holding position in the village looking to help sneak their valuable package across the border. The locals run for cover seeing the Nsithlan forces entering on the table at various points.

"Get yer lovely arses out of here! I'm just holdin' the fort!" - MO Arthur Witty - The wild Geese.

Nsithlan militia are poorly trained but have plenty of heavy weapons to throw about, the recon section is instantly under fire from the militia rushing on to the table and advancing through the village.

Man down - The volume of inbound fire increases and one of the recon team is knocked to the ground with a blast injury, a taste of things to come????

Meanwhile on the highway, Muller is counting the cost of his rash burst of fire into the UN patrol, pinned by fire from the checkpoint and now facing fire from the Nsithlan militia and their numerous RPG's.
An orange Renault 5 proves to be of little cover in a fire fight.

Needing to make a swift decision Alpha squad rush towards the checkpoint but are stopped in their tracks by a burst of aimed fire from the UN contingent.

Swinging right Muller pulls his remaining forces together and rushes a gap in the wire seeking to burst through, he knew he would take casualties but if he could get the package across the border he could find safety in the bush.....

What follows was a blood bath..... needless to say Muller never reached the wire the only good news was Lowdsa Doollar was killed in the same hail of bullets as the rest of Mullers team.

Sadly no pay day for Muller and another loss for President Okoye.


  1. A game enjoyed by all thanks for putting it on Stu .
    Regards Gav .

    1. Next up chechnya now we have a handle on the rules :-)

  2. When shooting ever thing in sight goes wrong. :D