Friday, December 11, 2015

News from the Scottish Front...... Campaign Game 6

Tremendous news from the north of Scotland, Highland forces scrapped together an assault column from the remaining garrisons and launched an attack on the martian forces still holed up in their Scottish enclave. 

The forces of war for both sides.
The human player had a slight numerical advantage and had made use of the recent reinforcements, selecting Artillery and both guard and regular infantry, the Martian player choosing mobility with two scutter fighting machines and two black smoke mobile artillery pieces....

Red weed had already started to take hold, springing up near every pool and water course, clinging to roadside verges and the sides of buildings.
The Infantry massed in a brigaded column and advanced towards the metal monsters, the Martians fired their inkey black cannisters towards the gallant red ranks.

The famous Black Watch deploy and let loose an early volley damaging one of the metal machines damaging its launching mechanism forcing the martian walkers to withdraw behind the buildings.

Sensing an early victory the Infantry advanced, pursuing the alien artillery, but in their haste they had left their own artillery far behind, who were pounched upon by two scutters, they came within a few yards of the limbered guns and fired their white hot heat rays.

The gunners broke and ran pursued over burnt ground by the Martian contraptions, this was to be a fatal move. In their desire to destroy the guns and gunners the machines were pinned by the infantry rushing back to aid the fleeing gunners.

Wave after wave of crashing volley hit the martian invader, who in turn fired back with their heat rays, several ranks fell, swept aside by the whoosh of the heat ray, but their morale held and slowly the cracks began to show in the martian armour, weopons were damaged and the walkers became immobile making them more vunnerable to the volley fire. 
The scuttlers green eyes faded as they died a slow death struck by volley after volley of well aimed rifle fire.

The Martian artillery rallied and rushed to their comrades aid only to be pinned back by yet more rifle fire, whilst they discharged their smoke cannisters they were no match for the Black Watch who were in no mood to let their prey off lightly..... A thunderous volley stopped the Martians in their tracks.

The north of England is free of the martian invader, now the action switches to Yorkshire, can victory be repeated?

One Battle down one to go.....


  1. Well, the Devils in Skirts have triumphed. I wonder what secret weapon was concealed under their sporans;)?

  2. An interesting Battle Stuart- good to see the Scottish Regiments and Artillery prevail against the the touch of 'Red Weed'- certainly adds to the atmosphere of these perilous times- well done. Regards. KEV.

    1. Thanks Kev, been thinking about what the Martian constructions and land scape might look like for areas of the country that have been under martian control for some time.... several turns away yet but could be a project for 2016....

  3. Nice report Stu, I really thought the Martians had it but you can't stand against a bullet made in Birmingham !
    Cheers Gav .

    1. Until next time buddy - can't let you get to cocky....

  4. Great looking game there and nice report.

    1. Thanks good to actually keep a campaign running..

  5. Trust the Jocks to save the day! Take that, Marvin Martian!
    Just out of curiosity, have the human players developed a nickname for the Martians yet, an equivalent to Fritz or Jerry?

  6. Great! Whole Scotland back to humans, in other way I would have to talk Martian... Great game Stu.