Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Creating Battlefield Clutter - 15mm Car Wreaks.

Several weeks ago a picked up from E-bay a bag of cut price 15mm cars... perfect for filling the streets of any modern battlefield, I have always felt that a gaming table should include, cars, gardens and random trees rather than your standard 4 hours for a village...
However when these arrived they were a little two shiny for my liking and figured that any modern car on battlefield should have a more war torn look.

With a bag full of spare bricks and some left over Warbases I set about turning these straight off the production line models into 15mm wreaks.

After a few minutes of setting about them with hammer and drill they looked pretty broken up, I glued them to the bases and sprayed them black before drybrushing them with a with dark brown metal, followed by a dark metal silver to create that burn't out look.

I am really pleased with how they have turned out and will compliment the modern/early sci-fi table top

With another 43 in the bag I am already thinking about put a few up on bricks and making some a partial wreak or street barricades to close off routes etc, etc.


  1. Great job Stuart, these look just the ticket.

    1. Thanks Michael it gives the little fella's something to hide behind.

  2. They look great- very useful clutter scenery.