Friday, July 22, 2016

The Battle for Earth - AAR#1 - Seize the cross roads.

After the last few months of painting modern Russians and Sci-fi gear in 15mm a chance to put it all on the table for an evenings gaming.

Alien invaders have landed on earth and no where on the planet is safe.

With the main Russian armies engaged in the West, in the south of Russia the local militia are tasked with holding the invaders at bay. Tonight both sides must seize the crossroads.

The Russians picked several squads of militia backed by a couple of APC's and some Power Armoured Troops, the invaders well they went for their standard battle droids.
Both sides enter the table from two roads, the APC's rush down the table past the wreakage of where the aliens had butchered the local population days before.

A long range fire fight takes place between the Power Armoured Russians and the battle droids, the Russians miss and the return fire from the droids strike home, I warned the human player the rules were bloody.

Fire fights breakout across the whole front with sniper and heavy weapons fire forcing the droids to switch on their combat shields which provides them with some protection but slows their movement.

The APC cannon tears holes in the invaders ranks as the droids are unable to strike a fatal blow. The APC luck runs out.

The Alien Droids push on towards the Cross roads.

If the droids spot you and fire you are as good as dead, several militia are killed as the droids return fire. However one by one the droids are felled and the militia see that the invaders can killed.

In a last ditch effort the remaining APC drives head long into the advancing droids breaching their shields and killing a number of the invaders.

The droids in a last push to seize the cross roads charge into hand to hand and clear the humans from the building but are to few in number to win out right.

The humans win... This time....

Played using Laserburns Imperial Commander rules from back in the 80's.... damned bloody but great for fast moving mass combat just don't get caught in the open.


  1. Now that looked like seriously good fun Stuart, cracking game Sir.

    1. Thanks Michael nothing like crashing a couple of different periods together.

  2. Interesting Scenario Stuart- Lazerburn Rules giving a good account. Would like to see more close up photos of the Humans and Droids. Regards. KEV.

    1. Will do Kev, perfect for a summers evening gaming.

  3. Ooh, that looks a cracking good game. I love those shield things you've used, very visually pleasing.

    1. That's what I thought when I spotted them :-)