Sunday, May 20, 2018

15mm Russian Buildings - The Weekend Challenge.

Having set myself the challenge over the weekend of finishing the Ironclad buildings that have been languishing in the cupboard of shame for a number of years, I am please to confirm mission accomplished....
The pic's are a little iffy as I am trying out a new camera.

A couple of early starts and some warm dry weather have helped to get these complete before the 4.00pm deadline today.
Two rural houses, a storage shed and railway station, together with two oil storage tanks, they will expand the layout quite significantly.  

The railway station fits in nicely with the track which I own from Battlefield in a Box and can also be used for my Boxer Rebellion collection. I opted for an off white which makes it quite generic with any period or setting.

The storage shed and field still need a little work, I need to add the pump arm and am thinking about a couple of dead cows which I have from peter pig somewhere.
I added in a number of lighter tufts on this one compared to the other pieces in particular around the well to give that wet feel.

The farm house is a great casting with a detactable roof to allow you to place that well timed ambush. I decided to add the fencing to create the backyard rather than keep the pieces stand alone, besides I have the MDF bases sitting unused in the draw.
The figures are from Eureka's 15mm modern Russian range.

The second building comes with a decked roof rather than thatch, I add in the brick wall and water through to give it that rural feel, it also gives the defenders something to hide behind. Although not much help from a 125mm gun.

I am really pleased how they have turned out. I plan on adding a garage and forecourt to give me that link between the rural and the urban setting, its a shame fieldworks are no more (Does anyone know if the molds have been picked up by anyone?) as I quite fancied adding a few more bombed out shells to go with the other buildings already painted up.

Right time to go and put these to the test.


  1. Those have come out well Stu and look forward to seeing them on the table:)

  2. Very nice. I like the railway station in particular.

  3. Those look great. Are the houses scratch built?