Saturday, October 29, 2022

Dispatches from the front XXVI - Lists & hidden treasures.

The Vichy Senegalese Tirailleurs are nearing the end of the production line, a little later than planned as real life has gotten in the way. Once complete they could fight for the allies as part of the Western Colonial forces. There is not a vast amount of info available, but these gives you a flavour of the uniform.

Having gone 50-50 on the latest offer from Warlord - The Gentleman's war which is provides forces for the 8th Army and the Africa Korp, I suspect it will be Bolt Action. With that in mind we had a couple of dry runs over at the Wyre Forest Club and a chance to dust off my Japanese, despite having had them for over 10 years I had never used them using Bolt Action.

It turns out I have over 1300 points of Japanese taking on a fellow club members US Marines, I may need a few extra's as the light Japanese armour really struggles against the Sherman.

It was suggested iI used EasyArmy to work out the points, what a great site it points up your units, tells you how many dice you get and adds all the special rules for each faction on one page. It's now become an obsession with multiple lists for every collection.

I might be late to the party but well worth a look, you can find a link here. 

Moving some of the boxes around it turns out hidden away in a number of boxes were a number of extra's which never made it to the table, they range from US Marines, the odd modern militia and a few ancients. I thought I had cleared all of these during the lockdowns... How many more have I squirreled away?

Hopefully a quick job to get these on the table......


  1. Seems like the Pacific War is quite popular at the moment Stu, although I prefer it earlier on....pitting Japanese armour against anything Allied after about 1942 is like taking on Panthers and Tigers with the Sherman! The table for your test game looks great.

    1. I agree Guadalcanal is about my limit and is what I have based forces on. I agree on the popularity front, I largely completed these 10 years ago was just waiting for the right rule set....

  2. I've just received my Japanese order, but my aim it to concentrate on Burma in the early stages and maybe up to and including Mandalay and Meikteila. After that it all seems too one sided to be fun, but you never know. Your table looks great as always and I need to make or buy some suitable buildings soon for said theatre.

    1. What did you go for Steve?
      Any thoughts on rules?

  3. At least they turned up! I have some 1/48 British modern SAS somewhere that have never surfaced.