Friday, October 21, 2022

V The mini-series - Yet more Visitors.

A break from all the khaki and back to some Crooked Dice Miniatures which I picked up last March at Hammerhead. The latest 'not' V troops were modelled on the Security Troopers of the original 80's mini-series. They were distinguished by a gold-coloured helmets.

However, I had already created a number of these before the extras appeared in the Crooked Dice catalogue, so I opted for Charles Elite Guard - Only seen in the later TV series which followed a few years after the series mini-series.

Commander Charles was a high-ranking Visitor who served as The Leader's special envoy. He is sent to take over military operations from Diana, his guards had white uniforms in a style similar to the shock troopers.

Other entrants making appearance from the TV series were the Visitor jeeps, first up a Laser Cannon manned by Shock Troopers, the second is manned by a V technician. I still need to add the Visitor decal, but they look the part.

Don't forget 'not' Willie. Willie was a Visitor technician who was originally scheduled to be deployed in Saudi Arabia - Played by Robert Englund they have really captured his likeness.

Quite a force with a lander proxy.... Feels like a fresh outing is required soon.


  1. Nice additions Stu and you have done a great job on them...Crooked Dice really do have some nice do they compare, size wise, with the likes of Copplestone? I liked your previous Chechan post too, by the way! I am sure I commented but every so often, comments I do on our ancient iPad don't appear on the post fir some reason.

    1. Pretty close to be fair. I have a mix in the African forces of Copplestone, Foundry and Brigade and the mix in well. Cheers Stu

  2. Nice, Crooked Dice figures are superb. I have quite a collection of them as well.