Sunday, February 26, 2012

28mm Elizabethan Swashbucklers & Sea Dogs

Reading the Pike Shot & Zombie Rules led me to dust off a couple of Blister packs of Foundry Elizabethan's. The rules are set in the Thirty Years War, but I guess 50 years earlier won't make much difference....
At our local club we have often talked about figures that satisfy a need for certain types of games, for example Colonial Skirmishes mostly covered by our Zulu War Collection, this tends to involve a limited number of well armed europeans facing off against a poorly armed foe..... How much different is that from Zombie games where figures are constantly ambushed by the walking dead and the constant worry about being overwelmed...?

Another one of the areas of gaming interest was swashbucklers..... Whether it was the flashing blade on a saturday morning or the 3 Musketeers films in the 1970's... While having considered the excellent Brigade Miniatures, Musketeer range  I was also put off by the level of detail likely to be required in getting the lace effect right.

Foundry's Elizabethan range seem's to satisfy that need for a few figures aside dancing the dual of death taking no more than a couple of hours... A perfect club game?


English Lords ready to defend the Queen's honour.


Spanish Invaders looking to turn England Catholic

Of course 2 Blisters is never enough and plans are now a foot to expand this project from half a dozen figures fighting the hordes of undead to Historical. The Anglo–Spanish War (1585–1604) seems to be largely ignored by Wargamers in general which seems perfect for my reputation of doing periods less well known.

The wars were an intermittent conflict between the kingdoms of Spain and England that was never formally declared. With the potential for games in the Netherlands or potential landings of Spanish forces on English Soil.

As luck would have it I caught the Sea Hawk (1940) on TV this afternoon on one of the more obscure channels - Errol Flynn as Captain Geoffry Thrope who "Singes the Kings Beard" all on his own...
Now I have ideas around the Indies and other such places....

The gods of Wargaming are against me...


  1. They look superb, great looking figures.

  2. Keep us posted - I will be following with interest

  3. Very nice figures. Also remember that the Spanish did raid the Cornwall coast in 1595.

  4. looks like far to much fun going down here, they look great