Friday, February 17, 2012

ACW Picket Fences

With Sunday's Big game fast aproaching I thought it I could russle up some extra fences, I made a test batch a few months ago and still had plenty of raw materials left over so in the spirit of getting stuff done, finished these off tonight.

I am tend not to have enough time to create my own terrain, it's hard enough finding enough time to paint figures, but having looked around the web could not really find a manufacturer that I was happy with for a price that covered my budget so I thought I would give it a go.

Tesco were selling some large BBQ scewers which retail for £1.99 for 50 more than enough for my requirements, I took some 2mm MDF and covered it with sharp sand before spraying it black to seal it.

The council were resurfacing the local road which gave me a ready supply of boulders for the base.
Finally may taxes were being put to good use :-).


Using a glue gun, I put a line of glue across the centre of the board and pushed the first line of stones in at the same time I inserted the scewers and left to dry.
It's a little bit fiddly and the glue can be hot so watch your fingers...
Once hardend I cut away the excess glue and gave a liberal Matt Black Spray, before painting and dry brushing.


I am reasonably happy with the results.
They feel more robust than your average picket fence and cost perhaps as little as 50p per fence in terms of raw materials.


15 down 20 more to go....


  1. They look superb! The stones are fantastic but I'll try to refrain from digging holes in the middle of the road... but then again why should I, everyone else seems to at a drop of a hat!

  2. Wondeful Stuart! They look fantastic.

  3. Great looking fences, I may give these a go myself!!!

  4. Your games will be all the more enjoyable using terrain like this on the table. Great collection.

  5. Blimey, they look good! Well done! Looking forward to see some shots of them on your wargames table.