Saturday, February 04, 2012

Wargamers are so difficult to buy for?

Can I be the only one who gets that question leveled at them?

I don't see what the problem is....... so it's not available in the high street, can I help that?
As a gamer with varied interests in numerous periods I have a great list of things on the wargamers want list.

I hit the big 4 0 recently and finally convienced those around me that Wargaming goodies are the best presents...
I was really impressed and thanks to all.


On the reading front, I probably have enough to keep be going into the summer, a selection of Osprey books on Elizabethan Warfare, I blame Christmas Holiday TV for that request, I caught the Sea Hawk on one of the more obscure cable channels and that set me off on a new project (more on that soon..)

Anyway the following will prove to be useful inspiration to the half a dozen blisters from Foundry and their Elizabethan range, which are making there way up lead mountain.
279 The Border Reivers
256 The Irish Wars 1485-1603
Elite – Elizabethan Sea Dogs 1560 – 1605

As usual Angus McBride’s illustrations are top notice with plenty of detail and character.

The Egyptian Project has stalled in recent weeks, what with Gloucester Minicon and various real life issues  but I am hoping that the following reads will spark some life back into the project.
Napoleon in Egypt by Paul Strathern
Napoleon’s Egypt – Juan Cole

Both give some great accounts of the French in Egypt and the challenges they faced in a strange land and a fearless foe.

As a light read, I also received a copy of The Last Days of Thunder Child by C.A. Powell, I have been a big fan of H.G. Wells, War of Worlds for several years and have a 15mm British Home Front Army and Martian Tripods which need an outing.
The climax of the original book tells how the HMS Thunder Child takes on 3 Tripods to save the Steamer, this short novel gives the perspective from  the crew of the Thunder Child.
On the gaming front a number of items have found their way on to the need to paint pile.
Anisty Castings
Barricades (1503)
Trade Goods (3304)

I thought the Barricades would come in handy for ACW makeshift defences and for any other period that require a below par defensive position, perhaps even a barricade to keep out zombies if I can push ahead with the Pike, Shot & Zombie Stuff.
The Trade goods compliment my African and Middle Eastern Village and whilst never a first on a wargamers wants list, they come in so handy for all kinds of scenarios.

Architects of War
Desert Well
Donkey Mill

I have been a fan of the Architects of war stuff for quite a while but always felt it was a little on the expensive side, One of my rules of terrain buying is that it must be able to be used across several periods and genre’s. Having started on my Napoleon in Egypt project and already having a pile of stuff for Mexico, the above two items fit really well.

The resin elements come in a sand coloured finish that will make applying the initial undercoat, the pieces are really detailed furnished with additional pots and sacks, although the donkey looks a little small, it must be all that hard work....

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  1. Well let start by wishing you a belated Happy Birthday. I have to say that I whole heatedly agree with you lists are the way to go. I started doing a similar thing, creating a master list that could then be broken down and distributed to those who were generous enough to want to by the old man a present! The only problem is you need to remember to update the list, i terrible in so much as I start ordering things off my own list!