Monday, June 04, 2012

SAGA - Irish Warband - Part 1

Over at Wyvern Wargamers we have caught the SAGA bug.

Never one to follow the crowd, I thought I would adapt the Welsh Army listing to create an Irish Warband for SAGA. I am several months behind the rest of the club but as usual have been distracted by other shiny items.

I have a plan and am keen on finishing the complete army in one go, which seems achievable given the number of  figures required, although I have never yet done that with any wargames project.

So after a few weeks delay due largely to lack of room on the paint table, the Saga Irish are assembled, I have enough to generate 5 or 6 points depending on troop choice.


The Warband in full is made up a collection from a number of manufacturers, including Crusaders Irish range, Gripping Beast various Picts, Scots and Irish, together with a number of the viking range for the Gallowglass (Heathguard). I picked up some of these from both Redoubt and Sgt Major Miniatures more on these on a late post.

I thought it would be useful to display them in bare metal for starters to record my efforts over the coming weeks.

Close up to the front the Gallowglass with their double handed axes, these will be my Heathguard unit. Whilst they lack historical accuracy or the more traditional Irish look and feel they are far better castings that others on the market.

I decided on keeping the Faction leader separate for now so I can use the figures in separate gaming systems, but am considering creating a circular base to drop the figures into. to make the command base.


The Irish Kern/Levy with Javelins, a mix of Gripping Beast, Irish, Scots, Picts and Germans, in short anyone with a cloak of sorts and bare legs.


Irish Warriors, well in this case war dogs, not sure how I make rules for these, but neither the less classic Irish troop types, Crusader Miniatures, I suspect these will be first on the paint table just because they will be quick.


Irish Cavalry Javelin armed and could be 1 unit of warriors or 2 Heathguard. Crusader Scots.

I planned on a painting them largely a Saffron colour with a few with of dark greens, burgundy and light yellow under shirts.

Having only played SAGA once (I told you I was behind the others), I would be keen to hear from others players, is this a balanced force, what should I add?