Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fist Full of Tripods - Play Test

Following on from my previous post, Sunday saw an opportunity to play out the Martian invasion of England.

The Martians had broken out from Horsell Common and were wiping all before them. Humanity was on the back foot. As the forces of the Crown struggled to contain the situation, a second cylinder lands on the Isle of Sheppey, the civilians headed for Sheerness in the hope of catching a boat to South-end to avoid the Martian Tripods.

The Village of Sheerness in the bottom of the picture with the Martian Cylinder to the North, the Red weed has already begun to take hold.

The Crown forces deploy to the front of the village they must hold the town until 9.00pm to allow the civilian refugees to escape the town, 2 of the 4 6lb'ers can be seen - Bows and Arrows against the lightening???? 

British Infantry hold the wood yard at the railway station.

The first Martian Scout Walker exit's the Pit, whilst Martian Infantry guard the surrounding countryside, littered with Red Weed.

With a second Walker Constructed the Martian Walkers head towards the Human lines, firing black smoke at anything that moves.

The Crown forces fire from close range with rifle and Gatling Guns, the sheer volume of fire is enough to bring a walker to a halt, it's massive bulk motionless but it's heat ray still sweeping all before it.
The Black Smoke forces the Crown forces to flee towards the safety of the town, hoping to bring the Martians in range of the Artillery.

The Martian Fighting Machines arrive and the Human defenders steel themselves for the final onslaught. The pour Artillery and rocket fire on the advancing Martians with limited impact.

The Martian black smoke begins to fill the battlefield, driving the Crown forces from their defence positions and into view of the heat ray, all is lost and the Martians raise the town. 

So another Martian victory looks like we will have to rely on the common cold after all.

We used Ty Bread Fistful of TOWs rules available for free from the web, with a few tweaks from the Martian Empire rule set. The Martians are tough and perhaps need to be ambushed by the Humans to stop it being a rout.....
Next up more artillery to help save humanity.....


  1. What a splendid looking game, lovely table and miniatures. Now we just need to find a way to halt the martian invasion!

  2. Nice! Love your minis and your session report on the game.
    You should post the pictures to boardgame geek! (there are none there)

    1. Thanks for the tip, I will look to do that.



  3. An exceptional looking game!

    1. Thanks Don, Awaiting All quiet on the Martian Front so I can bolster the Martian attackers.
      Best wishes.