Saturday, June 09, 2012

Wargaming - The War of the Worlds

With my father playing Jeff Wayne's album every Sunday it was bound to happen one day.....

This Sunday see's a return outing for my War of the Worlds collection to the Wyvern Wargamers.
It's one of those projects that I keep coming back to, adding a unit here and there every few months (quarters)

War Of The Worlds
I always wanted to play out the following episode from the album as I figured it would be a great game. 

We hurried along the road to Weybridge suddenly there was a heavy explosion.
The Ground heaved, Windows shatterd And guts of smoke erupted into the air


Quickly one after the other four fighting machines appeared, monstrous tripods higher than the highest steeple striding over the pine trees and smashing them, walking engines of glittering metal each carried a huge funnel and I realized with horror that i've seen this awful thing before.

A fifth machine appeared on the far bank, it raised itself to full hight flourished the funnel high in the air and the ghostly terrible heat Ray struck the town.

The six guns we have seen now fired simultaneously decapitating a fighting machine
The Martian inside the hood was slain splashed to the four winds and the body nothing now but an intricate device of metal went whirling to destruction.

As the other monsters advanced people ran away blindly the artillery man among them
But I jumped into the water and hid until forced up to breathe.

Now the guns spoke again but this time the Heat Ray sent them to oblivion...."

So Sunday's scenario is as follows.

Human Commander.
It is the summer of 1880 and the green flashes from Mars have stopped, a number of cylinders are reported to have landed in Britian.
An initial attack on the first cylinder at Horsell Common, near Woking was repulsed with heavy losses. The intelligence reports talk of a giant walking tripod machine that was created within the cylinder.

Reports are coming in that a similar cylinder has landed in your sector.
Your primary aim is to prevent the building of any Martian tripods and to try to eliminate the Martian threat.

Martian Commander
One of your capsules have landed some way from it's original destination but has managed to successfully build a walking machine. You need to defend this site until additional forces can come to your aid and the domination of this Blue-Green planet begins.

Full AAR to follow........

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