Sunday, May 19, 2013

Declione & Fall - Move One.

Move one Starts with the following updates.

The Spanish player has scout vessels patrolling the Mediterranean shores of southern Gaul and Spain, he also had Ships off Britannia.  These are not full fleets.
The cities are garrisoned and there are field forces in the Hex above Trier along the Rhine.
There is also a land force NW above Arles and one in the Hex by what we know as Gibraltar.

Belisarius the great leader of  the Byzantium Empire has garrisons in all cities except Nicea, all ships are in port but there is a field force below Sirmium in the mountain hex.

Parthia forces have crossed the desert border into my lands and Byzantium 

The current holder of Rome Pompus Maximux, has garrisons in Rome, Ravenna and Aqueila.
There is a field force in the Hex between Rome and Aquileia.
The Pompus naval forces have left Rome and sailed to the Hex off Carthage.

With my Capital at Alexandria I have all cities garrisoned. 
I move a force under Gen Nafarious Purpos from Alexandria towards the Desert border.
Admiral Crustacius has sailed from Carthage to the straits between Spain and Africa to blockade this route.  driving the Spanish ships before them.

The next update is due this evening....

Interesting times ahead.

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