Friday, May 17, 2013

Decline & Fall - The Battle for Empires - A Simple WAB campaign.

I bumped in to some old friends at Warfare last year, it was great to catch up even if it has been perhaps 15 years since we last played together "Tuesday nights in Rich's cellar...."
Who could forget the great campaigns of old - Hue City and the Pony Wars where no one packed any ammo... :-)
However just to prove what a great hobby this is we agreed to catch up over e-mail and what better way than a campaign.... Given that we all live in different parts of the coutry how we ever meet up to play a game has yet to be worked out...

Hah minor details.
The campaign is set during the fall of Rome with several faction fighting to control the empire and ultimately Rome, set out below are the starting points and factions. 

The Empire and how its split up.

Bill (Yellow) choose Spain and Gaul, his lands include these countries with the cities of-
Seville 2 reinforcement points
Tarragona 1
Arles 3
Trier 1
Londonium 1
Total 8 points or 800 Warhammer  points.
His lands are Spain and Gaul, the border being from the Alps upwards to the Rhine, on to seas. 

Steve (Green) choose Byzantium. his lands include Greece/Macedonia, what is modern day Turkey down to Antioch.
Cities Salonika 1 point
Byzantium 4.
Corinth 1
Nicaea 2
Antioch 3
Total 11 points.

I choose to be North African (White) Perhpas it was all those years playing Rome Total War and those flaming elephants....
My lands borders south of Antioch along the coastal plains to what is now Algiers.
Cities Carthage 3
Cyrene 2
Alexandria 3
Total 8 points

Richard took Rome (Red)
North up the Danube and then south along the Danube to a border south of Sirimium.
Cities include
Rome 4 points
Aquileia 1
Ravenna 2
Sirmium 1

Whilst Keith opted for Parthia (Blue) a roaming force operating to the rear of my North African's and the Byzantiums.

First orders are in and the skulduggery has started all ready.

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