Monday, May 06, 2013

Sarissa - Laser Cut Japanese Terrain

Having missed Salute, I was pleased that Dane was able to come to my rescue picking up my order from the guy's at Sarissa, having completed the first units for the RJW project and with the Lard day fast approaching, I was on the lookout for a suitable Manchurian farm, Japanese would have to do.

Laser Cut terrain is certainly en vogue at the moment and I must say I was rather impressed with various packs needed to make my farm and compound.

The Sarrisa packs range from various Japanese buildings and walls, they come away from their MDF prints very easily and fit together very well.

The Gate and Peasant farm house, the main pieces needed for my farm and compound within the design you can choose to have the shutters open or closed, once complete the pieces are sturdy and robust.

Front of the compound added to the 5mm MDF board, sharp sand to be added once the wood glue has dried.

Rear of the compound.

So next up the paint job, despite two coats of paint and inking the Laser Cut print still shows through, which was important to retain the detail. I need to add various farm implements and perhaps a tree or two to make it a little more Chinese in feel.


The rear of the Chinese Compound, could this be the weak point?


Japanese troops sneak up on the Russian defenders. I decided to glue the gates shut, I toyed with half open,but thought they might be a little fragile.

I am pleased with how this turned out, but am still torn between the wider terrain discussion if I factor the cost of each kit, the time taken to build the various pieces, construction the compound and paint time, would I be better purchasing cast resin?
This model is light weight, but will it stand up to to the stresses of regular gaming.
I guess time will tell.


  1. Looks superb, they are really clever these laser cut buildings, very impressive.

    1. I feels like a case of CD's over vinyl, call me old fashioned...
      Kind regards