Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Fall of Lemberg, Galicia 1914 - Part 1

Tomorrow sees a well deserved day off and what better way to unwind than an all dayer.... pitting my Russian forces against the might of the German army.

The scenario is set around the Austro-Hungarian advances into Russian Poland and the subsequent counter attacks by the Russian Army. The Russian Fifth Army supported by the Russian Third Army advanced to Lemberg where they encircled and defeated the Austro-Hungarian Third Army. Russian forces began entering the outskirts of Lemberg.

However all was not going Russia’s way as its supply lines had been severely stretched and the advance was called to a halt whilst supplies were brought up to the front.

Galicia during the First World War

I am to command elements from the Fifth Army and are currently held on the outskirts of Lemberg awaiting resupply and orders to advance. This delay alows the Austro-Hungarians the breathing space to launch a counter attack to the south of my current position and are advancing towards Lemberg. 

I need to hold this position and  stop the enemy advancing North. The bridge at Lemberg must be held and this counter attack repelled at all costs.
Ammunition is still in short supply and only time will tell if supplies can reach me in time.

I have the following forces available.

Commanding Officer - Big Man 1 (status IV)
Second in Command - Big Man 2 (status III)
Cavalry unit – Big Man 3 (status II)
6 Units of Russians (10 men each) – Big Man 4 (status II), Big Man 5 + 6 (status I)
2 Units of Sailors (10 men each) – Big Man 7 (status II)
1 HMG and crew
1 Artillery piece

More tomorrow.


  1. Oooh sounds interesting...

    Is this what happens when you skip a club night? ;-)

    1. The kids get a week off, why can't I have a day to myself :-)

  2. Looks good!!!Nice looking figures too!

  3. Looking forward to the AAR on this Stu:)

    1. Hope I have not built it up to much Steve....

  4. Very interesting scenario. I agree you have to make a report, with photos.

  5. Looks good. What scale are the miniatures and from what company? I love the megaphone guy.

    1. Chris - Musketeer 28mm, most of my collection is for the RJW war, but hese are from Muskeeters WW! range, I felt they had a ood feel to them to mix in.