Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Fall of Lemberg, Galicia 1914 - Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 and I am pleased to report a marginal victory for the Russian forces.

I needed to hold the bridges at Lemberg and whilst the counter attack was not repelled we did manage to fight the Austro-Hungarian/German forces to a stand still as the clock struck 4.00pm.

With limited resources consisting of.
Commanding Officer - (status IV),Second in Command - (status III), 1 Cavalry unit, 4 10 Man Sections, 1 HMG, 1 Artillery piece.

I await the counter attack, it's strength is unknown and with two bridges to defend I will be hard pressed to hold them back without a little luck, I spread my infantry units amongst the buildings over looking both bridges, keeping them hidden from view.

The 1st Wave of  Austro-Hungarian/German forces enter the table advancing swiftly down the road, the extra movement afforded to the blinds gives them sight of both bridges within the first few minutes, no Russians were to be seen...

I can wait no longer every turn I remain hidden allows the Germans to get closer to their objectives the bridges at Lemberg, I unmask my Artillery piece with only limited ammo, I need to make every round count.

The first shells strikes home, with only one unit visable the artillery round sends them diving for cover and the rising shock slows their advance.

The opening salvo flushes out yet more Germans, the crafty German general has flooded the wood with Jagers who advance on the Russian lines, this is going to be a long day in the field.

Blimey just look at this lot, 3 sections and a HMG and little in the way to stop them.

I unmask the last of my defenders at the Northern Bridge, commanded by a Status III bigman they begin to pour fire into the enless tide of Germans, One section and an Artillery piece against the whole German army....

At the eastern bridge the defenders wait for any possible signs of movement.

The second wave of attackers pour on to the table, by now the Germans have reached the farm house over looking the eastern bridge, still protected by blind movement, I can't be sure of it's strength or make up.

The Austro-Hungarian forces unmask in the farm house court yard, sending several volleys into the Russian defenders, Major Yuri Moreski takes a bullet to the throat and is seriously wounded, my Bigman IV is taken out of the fight and his unit goes to ground pinned by the advancing Austrians.

The German 2nd wave is unmasked and pushes forward under shell fire from the defenders in the town.

Meanwhile the Jagers reach the edge of the wood before the HMG can set up a well placed shell kills several of the crew, I can't help being a little smug, although the valiant defenders are now facing odds over over 7:1.

Pressure on my troops at the Northern bridge forces me to shift additional infantry to support the troops at the bridge, whilst the fire from the eastern bridge is causing some shock it is very clear where the main assault is coming in.
We break for lunch, both of us a little nervous as the clock ticks down.

The Germans press on artillery and rifle fire slow their advance but the independent sections leap frog one another as they are urged on by their CO on the white charger.

Meanwhile in the court yard shock and casualties mount also hindered by a number of low ammo markers, but they are succeeding in pinning my troops to their defences stopping me supporting the northern bridge.

A German sections breaks formation and rushes for the bridge, only to be stopped in its tracks by close range artillery and rifle fire. They won't try that again without support.

Casaulties begin to mount on the wall as the Germans begin to bring more rifle to bear, Jagers line the wood edge and regular infantry march in line abreast towards the bridge.

The German onslaught in all it's glory, but the clock is ticking and only 2 hours remain to win the day.

Relief at last, 12 turns have passed and Russian reinforcements begin to trickle through, time to turn the screw on the Austro-Hungarian invaders. 

Russian sailors lead the vanguard heading for the bridge to take the fight to the Austro-Hungarians.

Scuppered again, the cheeky blighter has countered my bold advance with a unit of lancers, I knew they were in the box, but with only 1 or 2 blinds on the table had hoped they were elsewhere, but with two units of sailors pushing over the bridge and suporting infantry they should be easy to take out if the cards land in the right order...

Shock mounts in the German lines but the officers drive the on.

My card draws first, using one action I expand my frontage to give me extra figures in the fight that we both know is coming, the remaining action is used to fire on the Uhlans but it only inflicts minimal shock on the nasty spikey lancers.

The lancers charge home, their attack dice double that of my two sections who are forced back in disorder, so much for my hammer blow on the weaker left flank. The lancers have suffered a mere two casaulties for my five.

Game over. The Austro-Hungarian forces have failed in their attempt to force the bridges at Lemberg, but have sufficent forces interdicting the bridges to stop any Russian counter attack.

A great days gaming where the balance swung from one side to another over several hours, the Germans had the greater volume of troops but could not bring their numbers to bear, the Rusians had to balance the need to defend with holding back troops in case reinforcements did not show. 

Back to work tomorrow..... 


  1. Lovely game and looks like a whole lot of fun.

    1. Still not enough time... :-)
      We could have played on for a few more hours..... to really give Jerry a kicking.

  2. Great looking game, some excellent looking pics!

  3. Nice looking game, Stu. Do I see figures from a "secret friend"?

    1. You do, oh for days off in lou....

  4. Great looking game, excellent looking figures, terain and pictures!

  5. Great game and lovely to look at as always:).

  6. Abolutely inspiring AAR. I really like your gaming mat.

    1. A real bargin £15 from ebay for an 8ft by 6ft rug.

  7. A well written narrative.The green teddy bear fur mat looks fantastic. Lovely figures. Early WW1 looks like trenches, tanks or gas and plenty of movement.

    1. Thank you, the games can be quite well balanced if you limit the number of MG's. Easy to see how you would dig in if caught in the open.

  8. A very nice looking and interesting game - the eastern front is something I have been thinking of getting into too.