Monday, January 12, 2015

28mm Moroccan Infantry - SCW Painting guide.

I didn't get as much completed Sunday as I had hoped, but did complete the first fire teams and a support element (Tank Hunters) completed for Chain of Command Espana, I am happy with the yellowish platte for the Moroccans and the various tones for Trousers, Bed Rolls and Robes which gives a little more variation to the unit giving it a campaign feel but yet retaining a degree of uniformity. 

All of the castings are from Empress miniatures, possibily the largest range available for the SCW in 28mm, although the Moroccan packs could do with a few more poses as I did not want to have to many repeats within the platoon.

I have tried a couple of head swaps to mix up the troops available, the junior leader is an Italian Askari with a turban head swap, hopefully you can't tell.

I have ordered additional reinforcements from Rif-Raf Miniatures which appear to have a more regular unifrom style and are all wearing turbans. From what I can see on the web once based and painted there should be little difference between the two ranges in terms of size.

The remaining undercoated troops have the bulk colours complete, with just the finer detail and in fills required before the customary washes and highlights.


For reference I have used the following colours.

Turban - White.
Fez - GW Red Gore, GW Blood Red.
Shirt - GW Bleached Bone.
Bed Roll - Foundry Storm Green 27B, Rawhide Shade 11A, 11B, V807 Oxford Blue, 70995 German Grey, 816 Luftwaffe Blue.
Robe - Foundry Storm Green 27B, Rawhide Shade 11A, 11B, V807 Oxford Blue, 70995 German Grey, 816 Luftwaffe Blue.
Tunic - GW Bleached Bone.
Trousers - Foundry Ochre 4B, Moss 29B & GW Zamesi Desert
Puttees - Foundry Raw Lined 30A.
Boots - GW Scorched Brown.
Webbing - Foundry Tan Shade 14A.
Scarf - GW Black, GW Red Gore.
Rifle - Foundry Tan Shade 14A, Vallejo 800 Gun Metal Blue, Gold.
Flesh - Foundry Butter Fudge 55A

Wash - Army Painted Soft Tone.

High Lights
Turban -White.
Fez - GW Blood Red.
Shirt - GW Bleached Bone.
Flesh - Foundry Butter Fudge 55A.
Buttons - Gold


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    1. Got to get them done Steve before something shiny comes along.

  2. My word, you've done those in double quick time and jolly nice they are too.

    1. Thanks Michael it's amazing what you can get done with the house to yourself. :-)