Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rif-Raf Miniatures Moroccan Infantry.

The Moroccan reinforcements from Rif-Raf Miniatures arrived in double quick time, great service.

Direct comparison pictures between Rif-Raf and Empress proved hard to find so I thought I would post up a couple of pics.

The Rif-Raf miniature Moroccan's have a more regular feel than their Empress equivalent, I like the rolled shelves and the fact that they all wear the small Turban or Rexa rather than the red tarbuch.

Initial thoughts are that the Empress miniatures are easier to paint, the various equipment and rifles are more defined as to are the faces, Rif-Raf have a certain charm about them, they compare well in size and build and the poses are dynamic but not over the top. Both ranges fit in well together and their addition will reduce the number of duplicates within the platoon.

The weekend saw the remaining batch of SCW Moroccan's cleared from the paint table.
29 Down another, 34 to go.

LMG Fire team and additional Riflemen. 

50mm Mortar team, spotter and supporting rifles, I am pleased to say you can't tell these had their heads removed and replaced with a turban and a fez, its certainly given me the cofidence to carry our further modifications for the other support elements.


The Senior leader and NCO get ready to take to the field.


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    1. Thanks Steve still plenty more to go.

  2. I think we'll be hard pressed to spot the distance when painted up - grab additions.

    1. Guess I will know in about a week :-)