Thursday, January 08, 2015

Save that Gun!!!!

My how time flies, can it really be 4 years since the last outing for the Astwood Defence Association? Back then I was using Operation Overlord as a rule set, with a few tweaks to add wounds and the morale, with the planned SCW project over at the Wyverns taking shape it's renewed my appetite for the 1930's, time to dust off the AVBCW and see if would have the same look and feel within Chain of Command as the previous rule offering.

What better way to test this than to rerun the original scenario introducing us the the ADA.

Since the opening salvo in the war things have been quiet for the Astwood Defence Association. They had guarded their parish boundary from "wrong'uns" and had cooperated with the authorities when required to do so.

With 149 men to call upon and a WW1 Artillery piece as the centre of power they believed they could see out the current difficulties until peace returned.

That was until the crack down, fliers were posted at the guildhall requesting that all weapons were handed in to the Government to aid in the war effort. Sources within the council has indicated to the ADA that if they did not offer up the Artillery piece it would be taken by force.

With the gun they knew they would be easy pickings for other stronger forces close by. The Gun would have to be moved, if only they had time....

High Trees Farm and the surrounding countryside - the ADA had to get the gun off table it would take three turns to limber up the gun and get it off table, they had it hidden somewhere near the farm, the Police need to trace the gun and secure it.

The first Police detachment move through the corn field, whilst the ADA deploy from a jump off point behind the barn.

The government commander had chosen his support options well and could summon an armoured detachment by way of reinforcements.

As the Police filter through the woodland to the left of the farm, the ADA deploy their support option, a HMG team which forces the armour off the road as multiple rounds pepper their armoured hulls.

The ADA push forward forcing the police to fall back, but help is on the way as the police armoured lorry driven off the road by HMG fire now supports the battle scared police.

An ADA sniper lines up his target.

On the left flank the Police are countered by an ADA section hidden in the tree line, despite being out gunned the police are able to pin the local defenders and slowly chip away at the defenders.

Bolstered by the arrival of the armour the ADA are driven back, the advancing Police seek shelter at the front of the barn, posed for the next rush forward.

The ADA had invested in an additional section and kick open the barn doors bushwacking the sheltering Police, with the blast of shotguns at close range the police are killed to a man.
Before the ADA have time to toast their victory, Lewis gun fire from the armour and the appearance of a supporting BUF section force the ambushers to scatter.

With elements of the ADA falling back and several of their junior leaders wounded their morale gives way and they are forced to abandon the farm and the precious gun.
Troubling times are ahead without their additional fire power to secure their parish.

Many of our previous encounters using Chain of Command have been in 15mm, the switch from 15mm to 28mm with gave a more intense feeling, it was more difficult to bring maximum fire power to bear and made the timing of deployment of troops all the more important.

Definately more CoC in the AVBCW is on the cards in 2015.....


  1. Great little game and love the figures. Personally I prefer 15mm as you feel that you get more room for manoeuvre.

    1. Agreed Steve, the more confined space made the patrol phase really important. I was surprised how different the two scales felt in terms of game play.

  2. Nice AAR sir! I hope my force selector worked - I'd be interested to know what tweaks you made to it.

  3. Really good to see this. Hope you manage more games soon.