Monday, October 26, 2015

A walk in the jungle - Zikanga Campaign AAR #5

It's been over 12 months since the last trip to Zikanga.
With the skirmish at the bridge a stalement for both Kwaz Nwazutha and PetroCorp both sides looked to make alternative probes of the out lying defences.
Lacking any suitable maps of the region, scouts from both sides were sent out to see if a back road could be found. Sure enough the village of Swooty Naaadds provided a potential crossing route avoiding the river and the bridge.
Both sides sent out recon elements looking to secure the village. From the North two sections of Professional Mercs in the pay of PetroCorp, from the South a the Beast sent out three groups of gun men with promise of loot and plunder....

The village of Swooty Naaadds, the sides holding the most buildings at the end of the night would be the winner.

We decided to give Chris Peers - At close Quarters rules a run out again, the Merc pushed down the centre of the "Highway" whilst the rabble flood the bush either side of the village.

The PetroCorp men reach the cente of the village, their professional status allows them to fire first, but could the bring enough fire to bear to shut down the Kwaz Nwazutha militiamen?

Having seen many a western on Zikanga late night TV, Bobby Muzuto steps forward to challange the Company men, it was high noon in Swooty Naaadds.

The militia rush forward, whilst unable to aim they are able to left off several RPG rounds which unsettle the PetroCorp men, recovering from a number of pin markers they return fire pinning several of the untrained gun men.

Caught in a cross fire, Operator Johnson takes a round to the chest and is Out of Action, the Merc's dodge down the alley to avoid the increasing fire on the main road.

The Action moves from the main road to the flanks, the Merc's swing right and catch one of the gunmen bands before it can fully deploy, several aimed shots, kill half a dozen and force the rest from the table...... Pistols and shotguns are no match for an M16....

Kwaz Nwazutha reinforcements rush into the village but are met by a hail of bullets forcing them to ground, with only one pin roll per turn it would be a while before they could get organised again.

Meanwhile on the main track the Merc's have fallen back rushing to find safer ground at the end of the village.

Ouch - seeing the Mercs fall back without laying down any covering fire, the milita for once take careful aim and blaze away with their rusty AK's knocking two of the Company men to the ground - Victory to the local Warlord......

Not quite ---- the risky move of standing in the open to aim made them easy targets for the two flanking fire teams who kill several of the celebrating militia, seeing their comrades fall the rest take to their heels.....

A cracking little outing which was touch and go for several turns, the rabble are great as long as they have numbers, but a well positioned fire team can soon put them under pressure if they stay calm.

I can feel a few more African outings taking place soon......


  1. Of all the games we have played I think that was the best it could have gone either way and both forces used tactics that wouldn't be out of place in real conflict . I think smoke grenades need to be used by the pros to disengage and move over open ground but over all a great game .
    Cheers Gav .

    1. You could be right, I have been working through some in house rules which could work for future outings,.
      Cheers Stu

  2. Lovely looking game and nice right up. Looking forward to seom more African action...

    1. Thanks Steve, definately more to follow.

  3. Very good report. It looks like fun game. Cheers.

    1. Thanks Bart one of the best midweek games for a while......

  4. Nice game report. Thanks for taking the time to post.

    1. No problem John thanks for following.

  5. Nicely done with a great and immersive terrain!