Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Bows and Arrows against the Lightning" - Human Reinforcements

Geoff over at QRF was having a sale.....

I was looking for a couple of items to support the war effort against the Martian invader.
These 60 Pdr's seemed to fit the bill.

Having re-read the book again looking for those minor passages of inspiration the following leaps out at me. "...long wire guns of 95 tons..."
I envisage these to be the type of guns found in the coastal forts such as Dover, removed from their housing and transported by rail to the front lines.

The extra heavy guns will have a Fire Factor of 8 within the Martian Empire rules and will be available to purchase at a cost of 160 points.

The supporting crew and limbers are from Essex Miniatures FPW - German limbers, whilst not technically needed they add to the overall feel for the game and at a later date might consider some supply rules?

Whilst I wait for the PVA to dry, I also finished off a couple of light pieces for the Naval Brigade from Peter Pig's Sudan range - these really are "Bows and Arrows against the lightening"

Quite a difference in size to the newer pieces, HM land forces are outgunned they are not by any means defenseless and given the right weapons, correctly deployed can I am sure inflict crippling losses on the out of world invaders, assuming they get painted of course.

Right back to the brushes.....


  1. That should slow them down! Love the Naval Brigade too.

    1. It's amazing Michael what you find tucked in the back of trays - Peter Pig Naval Brigade purchased for a just in case moment...

  2. Now fingers crossed this heavy artillery will hurt those damned invaders!

  3. Splendid additions to the front lines. Martians beware the big guns, though perhaps the Naval gunners can sneak in and snipe a tripod or two.