Thursday, January 07, 2016

A little more for lead mountain.....

Well that was a pleasant surprise in the blur that was the festive period, I plain forgot that these chaps were on there way. I only ordered a couple of packs but figured they would be be a nice compliment to the wizard or Fangshi Necromancers type characters I recently painted up for the Water Margin.


I ordered a pack of Terracotta Warriors and a pack of the Undead, they are a touch on the thin side when compared to the Curtney castings, but that should be fine once painted up, I guess they don't eat much......
Each pack comes with separate arms so you can create a number of variants and square slotabases, these will need to be swapped to round to fit with the rest of my troops.

A nice range from the guys at Watchful Studio with miniatures for both historical encounters and fantasy. The shop should be open once all the kickstarter orders have been sent out.

Undead consist of between 4-6 poses including vanquished warriors and deceased civilians.
Having spruced up these aquarium models last year, I figured a couple of Fu Dogs would make these statues come alive......


They are the guardians of revered temples, shrines, and palaces. They are often enchanted to come to life when sensing wrong-doers in the area.



  1. Undead Terracotta warroirs??? Excellent!!!

  2. Nice additions, Stu. The temples and Fu dogs look great.