Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Frostgrave - The 1st Outing.

Sunday night is fight night.....
I have heard good things about the Frostgrave rules and had been following fellow club member Paul's blog and his growing band of characters and wandering monsters with interest
You can follow his progress here.

So when it was suggested we give it a try at the next club, I jumped at the chance.

Being a newbie to Frostgrave and not owning the rules, I could have perhaps been a little more careful of my choice of spells but hey, you live and learn, it was more important to get some toys on the table.
A simple scenario run on the table grab the loot, drink from the fountain and away....

I picked an Enchanter and figured an apprentice would come in handy in the long run, given that we figured it would be best to play the campaign element.
Besides someone needs to make the tea :-)

Backed up by a knight a couple of missile chaps and 5 thugs we set off.

Whilst the game itself with a little bit of a long range magic shoot out, which was not helped by me failing several spells and taking chunks off my own health points it was an immensely fun game filled with those great club night moments. 

The grenade spell which if only I could repeat the roll of 20 4x times over would have won the game.
Watching the thief chase the treasure across the square as I drew it towards me using Telekinesis.

The game mechanics were easy to pickup and pretty straightforward but tactically the devil will be in the detail of picking the right spell combination, I only used 3 of my 8 spells.
I definately need to go back to spell school.

Whilst no one suffered any deaths, I limped off the table with both Wizard and Apprentice each on one Health point. But the sneaky move sucking the treasure towards me gave me the win... Hurrah..
Although it did feel like I had been soundly beaten.

It does take me back to the 80's and those nights around the kitchen table playing D&D.

So after the first outing the valiant band is made up of the following members housed in a Library.
With some good rolls on the Loot tables and Grimoire tables, the coffers are full in preparation for the next outing.

To keep a record of my advancements the full Wizard and his followers are recorded here.

Wizard: School: Enchanter.
M6 F+2 S+2 A10 W+4 H14
Level: 2 Experience: +50
Items (max 5): 1 Healing Potion.
Gold 640

M6 F+0 S+0 A10 W+2 H10
Items (max 4): 1 Healing Potion.

Knight, Archer, Archer,Thug, Thug, Thug, Thug, Thug.

With the following Spells available.

Enchanter / 10 / Line of Sight (-1)

Enchanter / 10 / Line of Sight

Enchanter / 8 / Line of Sight (-1)

Enchanter / 8 / Out of Game
The larger the construct, the harder it is to animate, so the following modifiers are applied to his roll to cast the spell: Small -0, Medium -3, Large -6.

Elementalist / 10 / Line of Sight

Illusionist / 10 / Self Only

Witch / 10 / Line of Sight

Sigilist / 8 / Line of Sight

Necromancer / 18 / Line of Sight

With a few more of the club itching to get involved, I figured I can utilise some of the Water Margin Characters to give me a suitable Chinese feel to my Wizard and his crew, I was looking to find a use for them.


  1. I rather enjoyed my first game of Frostgrave too. We were left wondering about the legalese of some of the spells - for instance "push" is obviously an offensive spell but it would be VERY useful to cast on one's own models. "Leap" is another one that's intended to be used on one's own models, but could be cast upon on enemy model to keep it from taking an action later in the turn. The game needs a thorough FAQ, but otherwise is quite good.

    1. You could well be right Ski, I suspect it very much depends on the players in the group. Every club has a few sneaky buggers looking tp push the rule boundaries :-)

  2. The game reminds me very much of Mordheim from what I've read, which is no bad thing. Definitely the sort of game that requires a campaign and several chaps to play with.

    1. It is indeed Steve, it very much feels like that mid-week type game.

  3. Interesting looking mat. Where does it come from?

    1. Dave you can find the range of mats here.