Sunday, January 03, 2016

RJW Horse Holders - Tsuba Miniatures.

First off the production line this year and back to an old favourite the Russo-Japanese War.
I use an adapted version of Mud and the Blood from the Too Fat Lardies

The aim was to finish these last year but, I simply ran out of time.

Lovely figures from the Tsuba Miniatures and the master sculpter that is Paul Hicks.
Upon reflection, I should have left the horse holders loose to allow me to swap out the figures for either side, maybe next time. I have completed a couple of free standing horses for dismounted or unhorsed bigmen.
The cavalry units are 9 figures strong but I don't plan on creating horses on a one to one basis merely a representation on the table.

As is customary for the RJW project I have have also added in a couple of shock markers for the cavalry with a dice marker from Minibits to hold a D6 to record shock.
I am really pleased with how these have turned out and it's a nice change to go up a scale from the last few months output which has all been 15mm.

Good to get the new year off with bang, the paint table is filling up with more Chechen's, Japanese Cavalry and Heavy Weapons for the RJW and even Ancient Chinese for the Water Margin Project - I really could do with a little more time off to get stuff moving.


  1. Nice work Stu .
    Regards Gav .

    1. Coming to a kitchen table near you Gav.

  2. Grest work Stuart. You have inspired me to get on with mine a bit later in the year. I wish Tsuba would do some mounted and dismounted cossacks.

    1. As do I Mark, the Brigade ones are OK proxies, but I would love to see what Mr Hicks could do on them.

  3. They look superb, well done!