Thursday, June 04, 2020

Ironclad Miniatures - Russian Buildings

First out of the blocks for June and some extra's for Kampfgruppe Sticker and Chechnya, the ruined buildings will be a good compliment to the ones I already own, mostly on one level they will be a useful addition to the town.

The Russian barn when painted does not shrink :-)
It's a nice design and fits the other rural buildings well, but I am not sure I will placing it next to the ruins above. 

The small Russian church is a great casting. I thought long and hard about the colour of the dome, in the end I opted for a blue palette with some gold leaf for the circular spire.... That priest sure knows how to spend his flocks money....

Finally a timber bunker, which will double up as an MG or Observation Post, a number of the Stickler scenario's call for a construction of this nature so this will come in very useful.

The bunker only has two firing slits and no back door so could easily be easily outflanked if the defenders are not careful so hopefully won't dominate the table.

A quick turnaround.
Looking forward to getting these on the table.


  1. Great looking buildings, love the bunker...

  2. I've had all the brick ruins for ages now, and they are really useful for my WW2 gaming. They work just as well for western Europe as for Russia.

    1. Your so right Carole, enough detail but room enough to get several bases of infantry in.

  3. Nice looking additional buildings you, I look forward to seeing them on the table soon.

  4. Ironclad Miniatures have great products you've done them proud!