Sunday, June 02, 2013

Napoleon in Egypt - Arab Cavalry and Civilians

These must have been sitting at the foot of Lead mountain for about 18 months, I had under coated the cavalry but something shiny came along and they fell down the painting queue, however having finished the last of the Russo Japanese in recent weeks, I thought I would catch up on a few of the other projects for this year.

The casting are by Black Tree Designs, larger than others on the market, they did contain rather a lot of flash on the horses and one of the horse molds appears to have lost an ear, but they paint up rather well and come with plenty of sculpted detail which is not lost when undercoated and base coated.
They will make a useful addition to my Egyptian/Ottoman forces.

Thanks to the likes of Phyllion over at Diary of a Gaming Magpie.

And Frank over at Adventures in Lead.

I was inspired to dig out a bunch of Arab civilians to kick start my Arab market.... Thanks chaps another project.

I picked these up from Mega Mini's a few months back when I heard that Johnny was shutting up shop in December, These are from his Arabian range, but will serve to populate my market and Arab village. 
I have never purchased from him before, but he always had a range of off the beaten track figures, which always come in handy.

A little small in comparison to Perry and Brigade's offering, but they will serve a purpose to give the village a more lived in feel and give the French a challenge of knowing friend from foe.

The Napoleon in Egypt project has moved up the painting queue, so much so that I hit the button on several packs from Old Glory today, not my favourite manufacture but they can be relied upon to have a broad range of troops for the more obscure periods, more on these shortly.


  1. Lovely job Stuart and the civilians are great fun especially that snake charmer.

  2. Cheers for the shout out, your civilians are charming! (Boom boom tish)

  3. Great looking figures, civilians are really nice!